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Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D.

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Watching Is Easier than Reading

The human brain is hardwired to be attracted to motion.  This is likely the explanation of why more people prefer watching a video to reading text.

Video Options

We are able to create for you any kind of video you want.  If we have a video template that will work, they are very affordable.  Even better, we can rent you use of our state-of-the-art video software inexpensively so that you can create an unlimited number of videos each month yourself.

The Number of Videos to Offer

It depends.  You may only want one video for the homepage of your website.  You may want multiple videos weekly for posting on social media or for running ad campaigns on, say, Facebook or YouTube.


One of the biggest challenges for businesses is staying innovative and fresh.  As the expert, don't sell yourself short; you already have all the content that will help others.  Videos are a great way to deliver that content 24/7. 

Videos Build Trust with Your Brand

When prospects begin to feel that they know, like, and trust you by watching your videos, they'll automatically warm to your offers. 

Videos Are Easier to Consume

The truth is that we all want life to be as easy as possible.  We're lazy.  An important reason why videos work so well is that watching them is not only easy but often enjoyable.

Effective Videos are Easier to Create

Yes, making a video is not as easy as just writing some text.  However, using templates for not only the video but also the sales copy makes it much, much easier to produce engaging, helpful videos than it used to be.

Google Values Videos

Engaging videos make it more likely that visitors will remain longer on your website or landing (opt-in) page.  Google's algorithm notices this and rewards that behavior.  The longer a visitor stays on your site, the better it is for your site's search engine ranking.

Recent Facts about Video Marketing . . .
85% of all United States internet users watch online videos every month [Statista].
88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their videos on social media [Animato].
87% of professional marketers use marketing videos [Wyzowl].
72% of visitors would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video when both video and text are available on the same online page [Wyxowl].
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