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Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D.

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Social Media Marketing

The way to convert prospects into customers is to create trust.  An excellent way to create trust is to give something of value (without expecting anything in return).  "Lead with the giving hand."

That's what social media marketing should be all about.  

Furthermore, marketing only works when one goes to where the people are.  Where is nearly everyone online?  On social media platforms.

Education is stealthy marketing

Forget hard selling and even soft selling.  Help prospects understand their problems and how they may be solved wisely.  Share your understanding freely.

The Best Way to Build Your Tribe

At least 3 times weekly, post an informative, entertaining video on your major social media platforms.  We can do it for you or show you how to do it yourself (and, with the right software, it may be much easier than you imagine).

Content Marketing

The primary goal for a business using social media should be regularly to provide content that is useful to prospects.  Since you are already the expert when it comes to your business, that should not be difficult to do.

Effective Support If You Need It

Our team has oodles of experience.  Are you snagged on some obstacle?  Rest assured that we have the experience to suggest a solution that will work.

More Visitors to Your Website

If you don't attract new prospects on social media or by paid ads, the online traffic you receive will be limited to just some of your usual customers. 

Higher Conversion Rates

If you use social media platforms to educate prospects in an entertaining (or at least attractive) way, those who visit your website will arrive with a degree of trust in you.  That's how to attract warm prospects without buying ads.  Warm prospects convert at a higher rate than cold prospects.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Assuming that your website has had search engine optimization [SEO] done to it, incoming traffic from social media will improve its search engine rankings.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

When they purchase, people you've helped on social media before they even became customers, clients, or patients will be predisposed to liking and trusting you and to feeling good about doing business with you.

Social Media and Business today . . .
90.4% of millennals use social media as do 77.5% of Gen Xers [EMARKETER].
3.2 billion people worldwide use social media platforms DAILY [EMARSYS].
68% of United States adults are Facebook users [PEWINTERNET].
54% of social media browsers use social media platforms to research products [GLOBAL|WEBINDEX].
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