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Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D.

How might we be able to help you?  It's easy to find out.

Use the CONTACT US tab at the top to schedule a brief chat with Dr. Bradford.

There's no cost, obligation or pressure.  Let's simply determine if we offer any services or software that might benefit your business.

Want a 400% ROI?

Unrealistic?  Not at all.  As I mention in the video, some big companies get a 4400% return on their email marketing investment!


Email marketing is using email to promote your products or services.


For every $1 spent, the average return is $32 [DMA].


49% of all marketing emails are opened on mobile devices [IBM].


Adding videos to emails can increase click rates by 300% [Marteck Advisor].

Choose a plan you like!

EITHER we can use our state-of-the-art software to run your email marketing campaigns OR we can enable you to use that software to run your own campaigns (and we'll teach you how to do it)!

Answers About Our Service

Is a website required?

Although it's best to have a business website, it's not actually required.  We strongly recommend it (and we can create one for you at a very affordable price), but it's sufficient simply to have a landing or opt-in page with a form for visitors to complete.  We can set up a landing page for you, too.

Is an SMTP account required?

'SMTP' abbreviates 'simple mail transfer protocol.'  It's a procedure for sending emails between servers.  Yes, it is required.  However, there's no need for you to have to subscribe to a separate SMTP account.  It's built in to our software.  So, you never have to worry about the deliverability of your marketing emails.

Do you offer a done-for-me service?

Yes.  Obviously, unless you want to do it yourself, we'll need access to your website to put contact forms on it, but, otherwise, we are able to take care of everything for you.  So there's no need for you to do anything other than provide the content for your marketing emails.

What if I want to send the emails myself?

Excellent!  Because we don't know your business, you'll have to provide the content for the emails anyway.  Why not save money and use our software to send them out?  We'll train you how to do it, too.  Furthermore, we'll support you and help you if you get stuck.  (This is called 'SaaS' or 'software as a service.')  If you or someone on your staff does it, it'd be almost impossible not to have a highly positive ROI [return on investment].

Is a long-term contract required?

No.  No contract you sign with us requires you to stay for a certain number of months.  On the other hand, once you experience the ROI for yourself, it's unlikely you'll ever want to leave -- at least until you retire!

Right now, contact Dr. Bradford to learn more!  Use the CONTACT US form at the top (or simply email him [] or phone [(716) 408 - 0343 in the U.S.A.].  You won't regret it!