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Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D.

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What Do We Value?


Our goal is to earn, ethically, 100% client satisfaction.

Unlocking Marketing Success

You may offer a terrific product or service, but, if few people know about it, your business won't evolve to its next highest level.


We're grateful every day for the opportunity to help our clients help solve the problems of their customers, clients, and patients.


If success were easy, every business would be successful.  Success requires sustained determination to learn from what doesn't work and to maximize what does work.


The task is for us to achieve positive, practical results together.  That typically requires experience as well as understanding.  Ironox Works was established in 2004.  We have the experience required to help our clients achieve the results they want.

Success without peace of mind has no value.

Gap Assessment

Let's begin by identifying the gap between where your business is and where you'd like it to be.  What exactly are you trying to do?  We begin communicating by listening. 


When we give generously to others to help them solve their problems, it's impossible not to receive everything required to solve our own problems.

Holistic Approach

Personal and professional goals are dynamic and should be complementary.  Since it's impossible to act either in the past or in the future, how we act in the present moment is what makes all the difference.

Real Success

Success gained without honesty, integrity, and transparency isn't really success at all.  Those deceivers who cheat or cut corners don't last as our clients.

How We Work on Our Projects


What marketing help do you want?  What marketing help do you need?  Are we a good fit?

Weapon Selection

What weapons will we need to compete successfully in the competitive marketplace?  What's the order in which they should be deployed?

Setting Expectations

What's a realistic marketing plan for your business's situation?  How will we measure success?

Marketing Management

How will we communicate regularly to make any required adjustments?  Seth Godin:  "We now live in a world where it's all marketing."

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Nothing abides. People move, die, or otherwise disappear. Let's get more warm prospects contacting your business!

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